Crazy idea?

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I am writing this blog from my bed and listening to Abba ‘I have a Dream’. Well….it wasn’t so much of a dream but my total wild imagination on how I wanna share my imagination of dressing up AirAsia fleet. In case some of you out there might not heard of AirAsia, you out to Google them and read about this amazing low cost carrier that has already caused a STORM around the world! Way to go AirAsia!

Ok, lets talk about my crazy idea or perhaps not so crazy but I am just so over excited of posting this up! I’ve been twitting AirAsia’s CEO, that is Dato Tony Fernandez (wait let me get his picture so you could see who is the people behind AirAsia)

AirAsia's CEO

AirAsia's CEO

Not knowing that probably he won’t be able to see my twitt if he does not follow me so he won’t be able to hear my shout out to him. Nevermind that! I was thinking, I am sure there is a way i could get hold of him! So I decided to write my idea in AirAsia blog.But it need to be approved first! Damn….I not sure if they would wanna post that up! Nevermind again. Just wait and see how it goes.

Ok….back to my idea. AirAsia has many cool advertising. Be it commercial, below or above the line it has always been different from the others. My idea is simple but execution wise I’ve really no idea at all how complicated it is going to be (as I don’t have any experience in marketing because all this while I am just a banker, I mean an ex banker that has interest in imagining things!). But who cares right. I am sure there are always some ways to do it. Ok….I was thinking since millions of people have been flying with AirAsia, why not snap some photos of the passengers (I mean as many as possible) so we could have them posted on the fleet. I mean outside the whole damn body of the fleet. Hmmmmm….I can sense some people reading this thinking what so great about this idea! I think it is FANTASTIC! Faces of people who have the chance to fly around with the fleet! Now, maybe we have to think of some sponsorships eh!

So what do you guys think?

Geeky with Web2.0!

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Right…this is my first blog of the year after some many years I’ve stop writing. I don’t give a shit if you think I’d grammer problem because I never did pay attention in my English class! Anyway, back to my topic. Things are getting so insanely crazy on the internet. It’s getting so addictive with all this new applications. I am addicted with

Hello world!

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